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Lifesize mouse trap

Avoiding the Vertical Product Trap

A vertical product can be a long term headache - how do you ease the pain?


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Not quite a book, but an old cigarette card album

Judging a book by its cover

The login page for an application can tell you a lot about the product


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301 HTTP Redirect

Using Azure functions for parked domains

A nice use of Azure functions for domain parking


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Looking west from downtown Minneapolis


What becomes of our downtowns?


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Guppy. CC [lens-flare.de](https://flic.kr/p/9dHene)

Horizontal vs. Vertical software

There's two types of product, vertical and horizontal. Which is better?


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Pipedream's logo

Debugging remote HTTP clients - just a pipedream?

Cloud hosted REST clients are great, but figuring out what headers they send can be tough. Here's one solution


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Outdated language on a Seagate harddrive, image CC [Joybot](https://flic.kr/p/fp8BUm)

Changing our Language

It's time we dropped loaded terms


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Can we be done with the IP allow lists?

Each industry has it’s technical oddities. In financial services, a long standing one is an unholy addiction to CSV over some form of FTP.



WikiData Logo

Creating Dimensions from WikiData

A real world use of WikiData to create dimensons for reporting


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BBC Model B

10 years of StackOverflow

What did we do before StackOverflow?