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My pie, four years ago

Programatically deprecating SharePoint Terms

Using PowerShell to deprecate terms


#Powershell #Taxonomy

Public domain Spindle Diagram from Wikipedia.

Programatically managing the SharePoint Term Store

Using PowerShell to manage the SharePoint term store


#Powershell #Taxonomy

Framework logos

Unit testing Javascript

Using Mocha and Chai in the browser


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Data illustration

Modeling a type two dimension join in PowerBI

Avoiding the dreaded many to many relationship


#Data-Modelling #Powerbi

Abstract landscape and cloud illustration

Between the earth and the sky

Is hybrid cloud the destination or a rest stop on the way?


#Cloud #Iaas

Data illustration

80% of data science

The joke is that 80% of data science is data prep. Why is that?


#Data-Engineering #Data

Postman and PBI logos

Calling the PowerBI REST API from Postman

There's a lot of bad or old info out there. Here's what works


#Power-Bi #Rest #Postman

Failed certificate error in Azure

Adjusting Azure tagging policies

Mandatory tagging policies are great, until you find a resource type that doesn't support tagging. Here's how to adjust your policy.



Steve Wozniak's signature on an Apple I at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California

Apple & Facebook: Much ado about nothing

Facebook is waging a campaign against Apple's privacy controls. Huh?


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Screenshot of the emulator

I built a thing

Use Expression Language? This might be helpful


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