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Cloudera and Hortonworks: about time

Thoughts on the Cloudera and Hortonworks merger



Technical Managers: what happens as you move up?

It's not what you know?



If you can access your data in the cloud, maybe others can as well

Are your buckets locked down?


#Security #Aws

Portrait of David Hussman

Remembering David Hussman

This past weekend we lost a true giant in our agile software development community. Those of us privileged enough to work with David know that he was, in so many ways, unique.



The eternal water heater

Have an Eternal (GU100, GU145, GU195) Water Heater?

I have good and bad news The good news is that (apart from one key issue) this is a well designed Water Heater that, if looked after will last a long time. It’s primarily constructed from stainless steel and uses good quality components. The bad news is that Grand Hall, the company that made and sold these heaters in the US has gone bankrupt. (Apparently it’s a great heater for residential use but didn’t do well in commerical use)