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Postman and PBI logos

Calling the PowerBI REST API from Postman

There's a lot of bad or old info out there. Here's what works


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Failed certificate error in Azure

Adjusting Azure tagging policies

Mandatory tagging policies are great, until you find a resource type that doesn't support tagging. Here's how to adjust your policy.



Steve Wozniak's signature on an Apple I at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California

Apple & Facebook: Much ado about nothing

Facebook is waging a campaign against Apple's privacy controls. Huh?


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Screenshot of the emulator

I built a thing

Use Expression Language? This might be helpful


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Example graph from the W3C spec

Letting go of RDF, at least for now

RDF has so much to offer. Sadly, industry is so far behind.



Image of Foucault's pendulum at the Sorbonne

The pendulum swings

With the release of the M1 chip, Apple moves closer to full vertical integration



Processed pipeline in Azure Data Factory

Adding Wikipedia links to WikiData extracts

Adding Wikipedia links to dimensions created from WikiData.


#Azure #Open-Data #Rdf #Azure-Data-Factory #Wikipedia

Gull in La Jolla - doesn't have much to do with innovation but I like how brazen the little guy is

Thoughts on innovation

Why you don't see Apple 'labs'


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Damon Hill in the Wlliams in '95 at Silverstone. Photo by author


If you've cut the cable, is F1 TV worth it?


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Lifesize mouse trap

Avoiding the Vertical Product Trap

A vertical product can be a long term headache - how do you ease the pain?


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